GAME announces BC Lottery jackpot!

Is pgslotauto it safe to say that you are prepared to end 2021 with a bang? To end the year on a superb note, BC.Games as of late reported the ” BC Lottery Bonanza “! Each player can By purchasing lottery tickets with BCL Coin!

BC Lottery Big stake Guide
1 lottery ticket = 1 BCL = 0.1 dollar You can utilize BC Trade to purchase BCL coins or even present BCL to somebody! Each round of the BC Lottery is fair and fulfilling. The draw is held at 15:00 UTC+0 consistently. Ticket deals stop at 14:50 UTC+0 consistently. Players pick six numbers for each ticket. The initial five are from 1 to 36 and the last are from 1 to 10. You can choose the numbers physically or consequently. On the off chance that you have a BCL, you can utilize the BCL to reclaim tickets. Each drawing produces six numbers. The more you match the initial five numbers, the better. The more rewards you acquire, the more rewards you procure.

BC GAME declares BC Lottery bonanza!
BC.GAME declares BC Lottery bonanza!
Winning award subtleties:
Right each of the six numbers: $100,000 prize, you might need to tie.
Share on the off chance that you’re not by any means the only victor.
Match five numbers and miss six: Each ticket wins $3,000.
Initial four of five numbers coordinated: Each ticket wins $20.
Initial three of five numbers coordinated: Each ticket wins $1.
Assuming that you miss each of the six numbers Lottery tickets are saved free of charge. Furthermore, you can partake in the following draw.

What is BCL?
It is a token made by BC.GAME for players who love lotteries. You can utilize BCL to reclaim lottery tickets whenever. 1 BCL for each lottery ticket. edge

How to get BCL?
You can continuously exchange BCL through BCSwap, or you might acquire BCL from the BC.GAME official local area or different players by means of Gift Connection.


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